About Us

Sasshay is a Seattle-based health and wellness company focused on product innovation in the beauty space. Sasshay products are designed and made in the heart of The Great Pacific Northwest. Sasshay is committed to developing a line of skincare products that improves the outcome of beauty routines.

Founded in 2020, Sasshay is currently developing Soakly, the world’s first facial soaking cloth designed to enhance the outcome of facials by preparing the skin for proper exfoliation. It provides a comfortable thorough soaking of the face, neckline and décolletage using nothing but water. Soakly significantly minimizes, and potentially eliminates damage that can occur on poorly moistened skin when exfoliating. 


Our Story

It all started with a wash cloth, some scissors and a great idea

It was the Sunday evening a week before Christmas 2019… I jumped in the bath for a late-night soak. I placed a warm wet washcloth on my face to prep for exfoliation. This is something I learned years earlier from a visit to my local Korean spa where I had been receiving monthly body scrubs for years. Anyway, back to the story… 

As you can imagine it’s difficult to breathe with a wet washcloth on your face. I often found myself removing the washcloth to breathe freely, and in this instance check out why my phone was blowing up at midnight on a Sunday night (that’s another story for another day). Then it happened… While I had the washcloth over my face the phone rang… I felt for it and it nearly fell into the water. I immediately jumped out of the tub reached for the scissors, and proceeded to cut out openings in the washcloth. It was at this very moment when I realized that my 5-year long struggle with prepping my face for exfoliation had turned into a brilliant idea that we call Soakly. 

- Kristine Marzolf


Meet The Sasshay Squad

Our experience in personal care, medical technology, and consumer electronics, has helped us to build a company devoted to developing product innovation in the beauty space.

Kristine Marzolf - CEO

Award winning marketer, inventor, business leader and veteran of the tech sector with over three decades of leadership experience and marketing, business development, and product management.

Anna Gunn - COO

Anna is a finance and administration extraordinaire! She has over a decade  of experience in accounting, bookkeeping and human resources. She is focused on providing integrity in the numbers while also providing ease and assurance in daily operations.

Mika Ventrella - VP Business Development

20+ years sales and marketing experience in aesthetic device/consumables and women’s health with an emphasis launching new product portfolios nationally.

Valerie Hamry - VP Product Development

Valerie has executive level product development and project management experience with a background in software development, specializing in the insurance space and focusing on agency management that spans more than 25 years.